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5 Reasons Marine Le Pen can win the French election against Macron.

april 25, 2017

A Frog in the Fjord

b088f7c4-978b-11e5-9228-87e603d47bdc Le Pen, Trump and Putin riding their Knight horses. Credits for the picture: The Financial Times.

Tonight the results of the French Presidential election were made public: Emmanuel Macron, the head of the center-right party En March!, and Marine Le Pen, head of the National Front (far-right and nationalist) are both qualified for the second round with respectively over 23% and 21% of the votes.

Many voters including myself are relieved to see that a candidate as moderate as Macron will be in the second round against Le Pen. Macron was not my favourite, but he is a moderate, and avoiding us a nightmare second round with Fillon vs. Le Pen. Right after the results of the first round were made public, Macron received support from most of the losing candidates who called their voters to vote for him against Le Pen.

A young head of State, liberal, leading the reforms France…

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