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Alexa – The end of retail as we know it?

mars 14, 2017

Salvador Baille

Retail, once a boring appendix in the digital game, is becoming more and more interesting.  Only some years ago, the most important transformation taking place was that every brick and mortar retailer was opening a webshop.

Then we got omnichannel, with the clear aim of coordinating all contact moments with the customer across webshop, customer service, social media and the physical store.

Payment became suddenly an issue too. As soon as Apple launched Apple pay In USA, the biggest retailers, with Wall Mart leading the pack, went DEFCON1 and developed their own payment NFC system: MCX. It didn’t work though, and yesterday it got sold to yet another desperate bank: JP Morgan Chase.

Then we got home delivery of groceries. Here in Norway services like Godt Levert or are growing at astonishing rates.

Finally, digitalization is opening for the possibility of unmanned checkout, like we have seen examples here…

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