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The fabricated myths about Kodak that every innovator and CEO should know

januar 19, 2017

Salvador Baille

You have probably heart the story a thousand times: Kodak was the camera and film giant that stubbornly kept milking its ever shrinking profits from their old business model based on film and got disrupted by new players producing digital cameras. Kodak went bankrupt and disappeared by ignoring the digital trend and being unable of adapting to the new paradigma. This despite the fact that it was the very Kodak company who developed the first digital camera back in 1975. Kodak is a wonderful example of management incompetence in the face of technological disruption.

The problem with this story, presented ad nauseam at countless conferences by innovation evangelists, is that it is a fabricated myth.

First of all, Kodak never went really bankrupt. In January 2102, the company filed for the so called Chapter 11, a regulatory instrument in USA which allows firms in financial distress to restructure the business together with its its debtors. In September 2013, it emerged…

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