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The Endless Norwegian Search for Perfection and Conformity

desember 15, 2016


A Frog in the Fjord

nymorning Original illustration by Tori Lind Kjellstad. All rights reserved, more at 

A few weeks ago, as the darkest of the winter was creeping in, I decided to start indoor group training in my gym (one of the ways to survive winter depression). I would rather run outside in the forest, where no silly music invades my personal space, alongside people looking at themselves in the mirror while tensing their muscles. Pytt, pytt.

I signed up for a basic «step» class. In my training gear from 5 years ago which I have not changed because the pants don’t have holes in them yet, I looked around. There were only girls, between 20 and 35 years old. They were all thin, perfectly dolled up with make up on their faces and new flashy sports gear with colours that give me a headache. I never really understood why one would wear make up…

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