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Terrorists’ Attack on Damascus Restaurant and Homes: «They have no humanity and no respect for children»

august 8, 2016

In Gaza


On July 25, I visited the Qamar al-Sham restaurant which on July 24 was hit by terrorist shelling, killing and injuring many of the civilians inside, including at least 2 children, one of whom was an infant.

Rebel-shells-3-688x516*photo via Al Masdar News

When I visited the restaurant on July 25, it had been mostly cleaned up of debris, but still stank of blood. While the media reports I’ve seen have varied (early reports saying five had been murdered and others saying eight victims) the employees said eleven civilians were killed, including the 7 year old son of one of the restaurant managers, and an infant and his mother. They said the infant’s body was found an hour after the attack, inside a small room off the main room.

DSCN4020*Room in which Riad (the mudered infant)’s body was found.

A Syrian friend, Sam Bitar, noted that the murdered…

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